Who we are

We are two friends, collegues, subtitlers and audiovisual translators.

foto-giulia-allioneI am Giulia Allione, code name “Lady Dialogue Giulia”.
In my previous life I graduatedin Business Administration and I worked many years in the marketing fields for companies, both in Italy and in China.
I studied in the USA, in Uruguay and in Italy.
Then I realized that that kind of life wasn’t enough, so I went back to university and started writing my second life, the one where I would be a translator. Working and studing at the same time, I graduated with 110 cum Laude Language Mediation EN, ES > IT and I attended a Master of Arts in “Translation for Dubbing and Subtitling”.
I entered del magical world of professionals traslating technical manuals at first, and now translating audiovisual products. I currently translate for simil-sync and lip-sync dubbing and I subtitle documentaries, films and corporate videos.
I translate from English and Spanish to Italian (my Chinese is in the consolidation phase, just give me a couple of years!).
My life number two (which does not exclude, but got fed from my life number one) is full of friends, family, travels, books, movies, teatre, subtitles and translations.
In this complicate path I met Tiziana. Together we started the Lady Dialogue adventure.
tiziana_fazio_cutIn the cyber world I’m “Lady Dialogue Tiziana”, but in the real world my name is Tiziana Fazio,  freelence translator EN, ES > IT with a Master of Arts in translation for subtitling and lip-synch and simil-synch dubbing.
When I was 13, I realized I wanted to work with foreign languages, so I got a secondary-school diploma in foreign languages and started travelling around the world to the discovery of new cultures.
Then I fell for TV shows, watching them in original language with italian subtitles, but their translations often puzzled me, so I wanted to change a little bit this unpleasent reality. I attended VITTORIA SCHOOL for Language Mediators (where I met my fellow adventurer Giulia) and got the three-year degree as Language Mediator (Italian, Spanish and English Translation and Conference Interpreting). After some experiences as interpreter, and also thanks to my event hostess job, I realized I liked translation better and I started to translate as fansubber. My passion for subtitling grew, so I tried the entrance exam of the Master of Arts in Translation for subtitling and dubbing. Well, I succeeded (and also  Giulia was there with me) and now I am a professional in this field.

Here are some of our works and here our contacts.
You might find out that we are what you are looking for… 😉