Lady Dialogue

What is Lady Dialogue?

Lady Dialogue is each one of us, the “ladies of the dialogues”, subtitlers and translators for dubbing.

But it also is a new extraordinary adventure for Giulia and Tiziana, a project that unites us, because translators are lonely creature, but not that much.

We met during our university studies and became not only classmates but also friends and collegues.

Among the things we have in common there’s our love for our work, so we felt we needed a place for the both of us where we could talk and share with others interviews, interesting news and facts and whatever concernes our job and our being audiovisual translators.

So, there the LadyDialogue blog came to life.

If you feel like reading us, or you want to know more about this magical (and difficult) world or if you are simply bored and you need something to do, why don’t you start having a look at this?

Spread the word and share the love 😉